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There are numerous ways for humans to die. The preferred way of dying is of old age and natural causes (such as the heart having reached its maximum possible number of beats).

Some of these ways for humans to die include the following:

  1. Natural Disasters
    • Avalanches
    • Blizzards (Dust and Snow)
    • Cyclones/Storms/Tornadoes
    • Droughts
    • Earthquakes
    • Floods
    • Heat Waves
    • Landslides
    • Tsunamis
    • Volcanoes
    • Wild Fires
    • Cosmic Events
  2. Accidental or Unexpected Human Disasters
    • Health
      • Famines/starvation
      • Epidemics/viral infections
    • Industrial
      • Structural failures and collapses
      • Wastes and spills
      • Chemical/radiation releases into the air
      • Explosions and fires
    • Transport
      • From ground travel
      • From air travel
      • From water travel
      • From space travel
  3. Avoidable Human Disasters
    • Wars
    • Terrorism
    • Gunplay
    • Riots
    • Massacres
    • Torture
    • Violence and hatred
    • Falling prey to other species

Source for above disaster outline: List of disasters

The point of this page is this: There are more than enough naturally occurring ways in Nature for humans to die. There also are more than enough accidental ways for humans to die. Must humans engage in the above-listed avoidable ways to die? No, they should not engage in these avoidable human disasters. Moreover, humans should seek to mitigate against or minimize all unavoidable and accidental ways to die. Think about it.

Watch (Blue Planet Trailer)

Listen (Curtis Mayfield, Think)


I have said it more than once, and I will repeat it here again: Humans have a mighty good thing going here on Earth; the good thing is the miracle of life. Earth easily can become barren and desolate like the other heavenly bodies in the Solar System, but it is not barren and desolate. Earth teems with life.

Watch (Life : Discovery Channel)

Humans have to do their part to sustain life on Earth, not destroy life on Earth. Humans have to do their part to help ensure that Earth does not become yet another barren planet.

Instead of their preoccupation with preparing to go to war with one another, humans ought to start looking towards the future. Instead of their preoccupation with violence, hatred, and killing one another, humans ought to start preparing for 22nd century living—and beyond. The entire human race must snap out of its propensity to grab a weapon to kill another human with it. The time has come for humans all over the world to turn their swords into plowshares. The time has come for humans to elevate their minds to a higher level of thinking. The time is now for higher living to reign on Earth—and reign in space. Think.

Watch (Benny Benassi featuring Kelis,, and Jean-Baptiste, Spaceship)



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