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The page picks up where the last page left off. I am referring to the "California Living" page of this website. I'll begin this page by continuing to extol the virtues of life in California.


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California is a state that boasts an abundance of natural splendor and sheer beauty. California is a state that offers a multitude of attractions, places to visit, and things to do. California is the American mother lode when it comes to high technology, high science, higher education, and high living (and, living high, stoned, or drunk, too, for some, which is their prerogative in an open and free society such as the USA).

There is little doubt about it. California is a storehouse of innovation. After all, California is the birthplace of Silicon Valley and Tesla Motors, for instance. California houses numerous storied, distinguished, and esteemed institutions such as Stanford University and the California Institute of Technology, to name a couple of them. At the same time, I do not wish to give the reader a misleading impression that California is a state whose streets are paved in gold. California's streets are not paved in gold. There are lots of good areas in California, and there also are more than a few bad areas in California.

Whereas Stevie Wonder's video such as "Fun Day" vividly illustrates the golden side of life in California, his songs such as "Land Of La La" and "My Love Is With You" offer hints that everything about California is not golden. After all, the modern-day USA street gang phenomenon began in Los Angeles, California.

California has its share of faults. Much like many other large population centers in the USA—and, indeed, across the globe—an underworld or an underground economy does exist in California. Generally speaking, the underworld or the underground economy is permeated by some unsavory individuals, sinister activities, and treacherous behaviors (such as animosity, violence, gunplay, and murder). Fortunately, in the case of California—and, as is generally the case across the USA—the good far outweighs the bad.

But, to further illustrate that everything in California is not golden, the following graphic indicates that California almost had the highest unemployment rate of any state in the USA as of 2014.

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To further illustrate that everything in California is not golden, the next graphic indicates that California boasts a somewhat less than stellar ranking when it comes to school performance.


Any discussion about life in California would not be complete without a word of caution to anyone who is thinking about making a permanent move to California. The word of caution to potential migrants is this: It is highly recommended that you arrive in California with your college degree, skill, or talent in hand. The cost of living is high in California, that is, relative to the cost of living in other USA states. It is difficult to find a good-paying job in California to match its high living costs without some type of advanced degree, technical or vocational skill, athletic or artistic talent, or the resources and expertise required to launch your own business. In terms of competing in the job market and earning a living, it can be tough making a go of it in California for those who are uneducated or unskilled.


I wish to conclude this page by segueing from "California Living" to global living. This brief excursion into global living is performed by way of maps. Courtesy of Google Maps, you can search for a city or place anywhere on Earth and then take a virtual trip to that location via a map. Simply type the name of the city or place in the Search box immediately below and off you go.

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As has become customary of this website, I'll close this page with several songs of hope. Here's hoping for peace on Earth and goodwill between humans.

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