This page presents one more way for you to become better acquainted with planet Earth. It depicts Earth's four hemispheres, 5 oceans, 8 continents, and 250 countries or territories. On this page, the Oceania (or the Pacific Islands) area is treated as a separate (and 8th) continent. The Caribbean Islands are a part of North America. The USA Department of State conveniently lists the regions of Earth as follows:

The map below is called GeoEarth (for geography of the Earth). It marks the locations of all capital cities on Earth. Hover the mouse over one of the small circular red markers. A pop-up window will reveal the capital city's (and country's) name. Click the mouse's right button to temporarily remove a marker.

Clicking the mouse's left button on top of a capital city's small circular red markers causes the marker to zoom you to a closer view of the capital city's location. Drag the yellow pegman onto the capital city location to obtain a street-level view of it (if available), or click on one of the street-view icons on the map. If the street-level view is shown, click the X (exit) symbol in the upper right corner of the street-level image to return to map view. After zooming to a particular capital city, to view all of the red markers again, either adjust the slider downward or click the Refresh/Reload button to restore the map to its initial global view.

In global map view, the bigger markers represent the oceans and continents. Left clicking on top of the bigger markers will not zoom you to their locations. Left clicking on top of the bigger markers only causes a descriptive window to open. Right clicking on top of one of the bigger markers will temporarily remove it. The zoom functionality only works for the small circular red markers representing the capital cities. The zoom functionality was not added to the larger markers representing the oceans and continents.

Map of Capital Cities

What is the golden opportunity or highlight of this page? In my mind, the golden opportunity is this: The peoples of the Earth must find ways to control—and ultimately to overcome—their most primitive impulses such as their propensity to engage in acts of hatred and killing. Do not succumb or capitulate to the urge or the temptation to mistreat or kill other human beings. Abandon the old bloodthirsty tendencies. Keep looking forward, and keep increasing the peace on Earth.

Is it of a truth that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely? When it comes to the nuclear threat and humankind's survival, do world leaders begin to make unwise decisions when weak or ineffective political checks are present to disrupt and restrain their egos—or to restrain the delusions of omnipotence and grandeur floating around inside their minds? World leaders must keep their egos in check, find ways to peacefully resolve their differences, and not kill everybody on Earth with their out-of-control games of brinkmanship and their petty geopolitical squabbling. Is it of a truth that the time has come for humans to abandon the "Pastime Paradise" (Stevie Wonder)?

Can humans be trusted to do the right thing with their arsenals of nuclear weapons? I hold very little faith in the permanent ability of world leaders to keep their egos in check and to behave rationally and responsibly with their nuclear weapons, which is the chief reason why I support global nuclear disarmament. Sooner or later, with the passage of time and as nuclear weapons proliferate, a lunatic is going to manage to gain control of the nuclear trigger and likely will endeavor to plunge humankind into a global nuclear war.

At the expense of sounding redundant, again, I encourage humans to spend their 75 or so years of life on Earth in a constructive manner rather than in a counterproductive manner. I encourage humans to devote a small part of their lives to preserving Earth as an oasis for future generations of life to enjoy. I encourage humans to embrace peace, mutual respect, unity, knowledge, and wisdom as the ways forward for human survival. How fortunate it is for humans to participate in this grand thing known as life. It would be tragic indeed if the epitaph of humans one day were to read, "They came, they saw, they subdued, and they conquered themselves into extinction—and they had the nerves to call themselves wise."

Watch (MapGive: Drawing Our Resources Together)

The purpose of the next image is to reference geographic coordinates. Among other things, the image depicts where the parallels of latitude and the meridians of longitude are drawn. Click the image to see a larger view of it.

Map depicting coordinates of latitude and longitude

The final (animated) image below reflects another representation of GeoEarth—and a representation of Earth's artificial satellites.

Earth's artificial satellites

It would be remiss of me if I did not conclude this page with a litle bit of soothing GeoEarth-style music. So, here it goes:

Watch [Antonio Lucio Vivaldi, Spring - The Four Seasons
(Performed by Academy of St Martin in the Fields featuring Julia Fischer)]

Watch [Johann Sebastian Bach, The Sea Named Solaris (BWV 639)
(Performed by Isao Tomita)]

Lastly, following is a list of capital cities. The list of capital cities is intended to accompany the above GeoEarth map. Each of the places listed below has a corresponding red marker on the map above.

List of Capital Cities (Sorted by Country Name):



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