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Edward Bruessard in 1962


The author was born into this world on January 1, 1956. He joyously came forth into the world amid the pomp and celebration of New Year's Day. His beginnings were meager and humble. His first six years of existence, and many summers thereafter, were spent living in Mississippi's backwoods on a cotton plantation called Refuge. As if being born on New Year's Day were not coincidental enough, the author also was given the nickname "Gene." The terms gene and chromosome, at least from the perspective of the natural sciences, signify the very essence of Life.

From ten children, the author was born third. (His brother, Larry, was born fourth but departed this Earth during infancy; his youngest sister, Cynthia, was born eighth but departed this Earth in 2005 as a result of an automobile accident.) He attended Greenville, Mississippi's public school system. He graduated from high school in May 1973.

He completed his undergraduate studies at Mississippi Valley State University (M.V.S.U.), which is located in Itta Bena, Mississippi. At M.V.S.U., between 1973 and 1977, the author studied political science with an emphasis on international relations. The author was advised that political science was an ideal field of study if he aspired to become a lawyer.

The author attended graduate school at Bowling Green State University (B.G.S.U.), which is located in Bowling Green, Ohio. At B.G.S.U., between 1977 and 1979, the author studied public administration with an emphasis on administering the local governmental sector. Although he was not awarded the master's degree due to an unfinished master's thesis, the author did complete all of the coursework that was required to receive the master's degree.

After leaving graduate school, the author moved to California. The author continues to reside in California at the present time. And, although the author's six years of college training were devoted to a study of politics, government, and administration of the public sector, the author ended up pursuing a career in the private sector's financial industry. The author also ended up writing a book about space aliens, which is wholly unrelated to his graduate study of public administration.

On a more serious note, the book (The Age of Homo Sapiens Sapiens: Heaven or Hell) actually focuses on the human condition and humankind's future on Earth rather than focusing on space aliens. As controversial as his writings sometimes are and as unpopular as some of his conclusions are, the author simply is one citizen among billions who has decided to step forward, speak out, and attempt to make a positive difference on this magnificent planet called Earth.

From 1980 to the present time, the author managed to get married and start a family. During most of the 1980 to 2008 time period, the manuscript for The Age of Homo Sapiens Sapiens: Heaven or Hell sat in a trunk and collected dust. After the economy of the USA experienced a sharp decline in 2008, the author was laid off from his job. The author proceeded to reach into the trunk, retrieve, and clean the dust from the manuscript. This out-of-work period of time (from 2008 to 2011) afforded the author an opportunity to update, expand, and finally release to the public the book titled The Age of Homo Sapiens Sapiens: Heaven or Hell. After completing the book, in August 2011, the author proceeded to create this website as a companion for the book.

Although the book and website were not made available to the public until 2011, the trek into The Age of Homo Sapiens Sapiens: Heaven or Hell began some 40-plus years ago as of 2020. The quest began at the close of the year 1979 and at the beginning of the year 1980. Albeit often not a top priority, the author has been on a quest for The Age of Homo Sapiens Sapiens: Heaven or Hell for over half of his life. Throughout the 40 intervening years, the author has stayed the course. The author has remained and continues to remain a steadfast and unyielding proponent of civility and the rule of law. The author has remained and continues to remain a steadfast and unyielding proponent of peace on Earth and goodwill between humans. The author is committed to the cause of prosperity for all on Earth.

Work on the book commenced in December of 1979. In essence, the author's quest for Heaven on Earth for the living to enjoy each day has been an ongoing work in progress for:

Work on the book commenced before the personal computer and the World Wide Web became popular. To be sure, the IBM Personal Computer did not make its debut into the corporate workplace until 1981. Work on the book commenced before computer technology companies such as Amazon, Google, and Facebook existed.

When the author first decided to write a book at the close of 1979, he had two goals in mind:

  1. He wanted to find a solution to the seemingly interconnected global problems of poverty, disease, starvation, and illiteracy.
  2. As a child growing up in Mississippi, the author always was told and taught certain things about God. The author fervently believed and embraced all of the things that he was told about God at face value and without question, but the element of proof always seemed to be missing. Being a devout Christian in 1980, the author was determined to somehow intellectually prove "beyond a shadow of a doubt" that God of the Holy Bible was real.

Being young and very idealistic in 1979, the author thought that answers or solutions for these two goals must exist somewhere on Earth if only he diligently searched and searched until he found them. The author's research, of course, led him down a completely different path as the following videos illustrate.

Watch (The 30 Wonders of the World)

Watch (GOES-13 Sandy Superstorm)

Watch (Hurricane Sandy: As It Happened)

Watch (The Most Astounding Fact: Neil deGrasse Tyson)

Watch (Scale of the Universe: Physics Lesson Idea)

In writing the book titled The Age of Homo Sapiens Sapiens: Heaven or Hell, two of the author's greatest inspirations were Stevie Wonder and Carl Sagan. Stevie Wonder is a poet, singer, musician, and entrepreneur. Carl Sagan, who suffered from preleukemia and who died in 1996 from pneumonia, was an astronomer, astrophysicist, author, and entrepreneur. Both of these giants in their respective fields of endeavor held completely different metaphysical or spiritual views of the world.

The image of the author below was taken in 1985. It depicts the author proudly possessing the, then, newly released Stevie Wonder cassette tape titled In Square Circle. The cassette tape was a popular medium for music before the arrival of compact discs (CDs) and also before the music world went digital with mp3 and other digital music formats, which eventually led to a migration of the music to cloud streaming formats.

Edward Bruessard in 1985

The next image was taken from Microsoft's Bing Maps. It shows the neighborbood in Greenville, Mississippi where the author spent most of his childhood years. It also shows the church where the author was baptized and regularly worhsipped God. Click on the image to see a larger view.

author's childhood neighborhood

On this human-dominated planet, the author sincerely believes that a future of Heaven on Earth for the living (that is, life, prosperity, and peace) will prevail over a future of Hell on Earth (that is, death, self-destruction, and extinction). The author thinks that humans are endowed with the intelligence to choose their fate. The essence of the Homo sapiens sapiens designation is for humans to choose wisely. The focus of the book (The Age of Homo Sapiens Sapiens: Heaven or Hell) is meant to probe the human condition on Earth in the here and now (as a bridge to the future) rather than delving into any type of conjectures about life after death.

Watch (Anita Baker, How Fast How Far)

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Intellectual Property Disclosures: All videos and songs (as well as many of the images) referenced or spotlighted throughout this website are the legal and intellectual properties of others. All content and opinions on this website () are those of the author (Edward Bruessard) exclusively and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the contributors, creators, owners, and distributors of these referenced videos, songs, and images. The author holds no legal interest or financial stake in any of these referenced videos, songs, and images. The contributors, creators, owners, and distributors of these referenced videos, songs, and images played no role at all regarding the appearance of said videos, songs, and images throughout this website; they had no clue that this website would be spotlighting their works.

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Since December 1979
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