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TO       Human Beings

FROM     Edward Bruessard

DATE     September 15, 2015

SUBJECT   Earth Is No Longer the Limit, or Humans' Place in the Universe

In a stroke of mathematical genius, Sir Isaac Newton revealed to humankind that Earth was no longer the limit. If given the means, Sir Isaac Newton revealed to humans that there existed a way for them to permanently leave Earth if they chose to do so.

Suddenly, humans no longer were restricted in their movements by the force of gravity. Suddenly, no longer were humans just citizens of Earth. If given a means of escape, it became possible for humans to wander the Universe. Suddenly, humans had become citizens of the Universe. For, it did come to pass that, with the advent of the rocket engine, humans did devise a means of escaping Earth's gravitational hold. Humans (and their spacecrafts) would become the first living species to escape Earth.

Are humans capable of thinking differently? Is the human species capable of embracing a global perspective? Are humans capable of viewing themselves as but a tiny speck of matter floating through space? Are humans capable of outgrowing and moving beyond their propensity for hatred, violence, war, and killing? From the perspective of the Universe, Earth is nothing more than one tiny grain of sand on a beach filled with seemingly limitless grains of sand.

As it were, while it might be possible for humans to escape Earth, there is no escaping the fact that humans are by-products of the Earth. No matter where humans go in the Universe, they require the presence of air and water to survive. Yes, there are trillions of heavenly bodies out there in the Universe where humans probably can live, but are these heavenly bodies hospitable to hosting human life? Are these heavenly bodies capable of producing air, water, and food, that is, the core ingredients required by humans to survive? Do these heavenly bodies possess a gravitational force that is suitable for human survival?

What does all of this grain-of-sand thinking mean in terms of humans' place in the Universe? It means that the Universe awaits the arrival of humans. More importantly, it means that, above anything else, Earth always will be the place that humans call home. It means that humans should cherish, respect, and take good care of the one functional home that they already have. It remains for humans to decide what type of life and what type of future to foster on Earth. What better time would it be than now for humans to get on with the business of realizing Heaven on Earth for the living?

Looking around the Solar System alone, desolate and hostile physical environments seem to be rule rather than the exception of life. Earth is truly unique and exceptional in that it teems with life. Memo to humans: Treasure your birth mother, the Earth. A pursuit of Heaven on Earth has begun for the living to enjoy each day. Memo to humans: Death is bad. Memo to humans: Murder is wrong. Memo to humans: Life is good.


Edward Bruessard

Messier 96, a spiral galaxy just over 35 million light-years away in the constellation of Leo (The Lion)


If you have followed this website for any length of time, then you probably have figured out that I am something of a romanticist. The following bloc of songs/videos represents a tribute to romanticism:

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image of Earth taken by a NASA camera on the Deep Space Climate Observatory (DSCOVR) satellite



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