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All too often humans find themselves preoccupied with day-to-day routines such as going to school or work, family life, relaxing, eating, sleeping, and so forth. The day-to-day task of survival reflects the micro view of human life. Some humans are too preoccupied with the daily routines of life to look beyond the micro view for any extended period of time. Other humans tend to become content with their stations in life and tend to become complacent about the world around them. The global perspective of some humans does not extend beyond the general well-being of immediate family members.

There also is the macro view of human life. The macro view of human life encompasses things such as the biological and sociological interconnections between humans and all life forms on Earth. The macro view, moreover, entails the ecological interdependencies of life on Earth.

It normally takes things such as an international incident, catastrophe, dispute, or crisis to galvanize human attention to the macro view of life if only but momentarily. The purpose of this page is to remind humans of the distance that they are yet to travel before they achieve a state of Heaven on Earth for the living.

To the end of achieving Heaven on Earth for the living, some of the United Nations's days of observances serve as fitting reminders. Not only do some of these days of observances promote global awareness "of and action on important political, social, cultural, humanitarian or human rights issues" but also they serve as reminders to humans of the challenges and of the long, hard road ahead before Heaven on Earth becomes a reality instead of an illusionary dream.

Watch (United Nations for Kids - Episode 1)

Watch (United Nations for Kids - Episode 2)

United Nations Observances: Days

Watch (Celebrate United Nations Day, 24 October)

Watch (United Nations/UN Headquarters Tour - Security Council/General Assembly - New York City Travel Guide)

Watch (Michael Jackson - Man In The Mirror )

Listen (Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes, Wake Up Everybody)

Listen (Billy Paul - We All Got A Mission)

Additional UN Resources:
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  6. ISSUU - 2014 Calendar the United Nations Making a Difference by Yearbook of the United Nations
  7. UN Calendar of Observances
  8. United Nations Digital
  9. Current Year Calendar
  10. United Nations News Centre



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