Contempo Web

The Internet has undergone numerous changes since its 1969 text-based inception. Perhaps no other segment of the Internet is symbolic of these changes than the World Wide Web, which is continually evolving. After the World Wide Web's 1989 inception, perhaps one of the biggest changes to occur on the World Wide Web was the development of a graphical browser to navigate it during the early 1990's.

The next major change to occur on the World Wide Web was its commercialization. Did you know that, according to VeriSign, was the first commercially registered website in the world (that is, with the .com designation)? The website was registered on March 15, 1985. The dotcom (.com) boom began with coupled with development of the graphical web browser, and as the saying goes, the rest is web history.

The commercialization of the World Wide Web can be viewed as the pre-eminent factor driving its rapid change today. This website ( was created in 2011. If this website had been created, say, in 2014, then all pages of the website probably would be patterned after this "Contempo Web" page, which is not to say that this entire website won't be redesigned at some point in the future. This page was designed to mimic the contemporary web (as of 2015).

In these contemporary times, as of 2015, the primary focal point of web processing has shifted from the server to the user's local computing device or client-side processing. Recent trends seem to indicate that most future web processing probably will migrate to the so-called cloud. HMTL5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, and AJAX/JSON (to name a few), coupled with underlying (semantic) metadata, are the prevalent tools of the trade, so to speak, on the World Wide Web today (as of 2015).

Wonders of the World

Perhaps the most overlooked—yet greatest—wonder of them all is none other than planet Earth itself including the miracle of life on Earth. The question remains: What will Earth's human caretakers do with this greatest wonder of them all? Will they pillage and plunder it, or will they nourish and cherish it?

Contemporary Songs

I wish to close this page by paying homage to the contemporary web. The following songs are meant to reflect contemporarily on the way it is right now (as of 2015) on the World Wide Web. On the "California Living" page of this website, I introduced you to a little bit of California Love. Well, now is the time to get acquainted with a little bit of Computer Love. Are you ready for some Computer Love? Your wait is over; it's right here. Check it out:

Watch (The Guild, Do You Wanna Date My Avatar)
Watch (Zapp & Roger featuring Charlie Wilson and Shirley Murdock, Computer Love)